Friday, April 19, 2013

Finally ! Wifi is ok !!!!!

We are in Delhi since 3 weeks with our beautiful girls ! They are so nice so beautiful and they are changing so fast !!!!
My husband is go back at home to work and I am staying at the hotel. Fortunately a nurse, "Saptna" help me at night. So I can sleep (with one ear) and be ready at the morning. I am so happy !!! We are really blessed with our 2 princesses ! After so many tentative and failures... what happiness !!!

Elisabeth is growing faster then her sister but she has stomach pain and regurgitate a lot. I am so sad to see her crying ! We are waiting for the meeting with Dr Gupta today this evening !!!

Any pictures for blogland :-)


  1. So sweet, Congratulations!!!!!

  2. Beautiful - we arrive Thursday so hopefully we'll get to meet the princesses at some point.

    G&A x

  3. Congratz! Elles sont belles et mignones! Quelle bonheur:-)
    Lila has reflux but she will outgrow it with age, just hold her up 30 mins after each feed.

  4. Great photos! Too bad we have not met you and your princesses. Our twins have ocassional spit ups, especially our little boy. We usually burp up to 20 minutes. Hope all is well.

  5. Beautiful pictures! Enjoy this precious time with them!

  6. Thank you all for the kind words :-)
    We changed the milk and all is going well now !

    Alex & Graham, when you want ! I am here ;-) If I can help you, dont hesitate !