Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 3

My God... what a torture ! We are waiting for our visas... The only week of the year the indian embassy in brussel are closed 3 days....

We asked for it tuesday and it takes 3 or 4 days to receive it.
D1-Tuesday -> Asking visa
D0-Wednesday -> day off
D2-Thursday -> Day on ! allelua !
D0-Friday -> Day off
D0-Saturday -> Day off "week-end"
D0-Sunday -> Day off "week-end"
D0-Monday -> Day off "easter"
D3-Tuesday -> Day ON
D4-Wednesday -> Day ON

We are planning to pickup visas and run to the airport to jump in the plane !!!!

My god it is sooooo hard.

If anyone actually in Delhi visit the Eden Hospital, dont hesitate to meet our girls. I saw in a picture that one of them are a little problem in her ear... I hope it is nothing !

Courage my girls !!! Mumy and Dady love you so much... We are coming !


  1. Hope the wait will be over soon and you get to be united with the little ones. Angels are watching over them. xoxo

  2. You're right... Angel Hayden is watching over them... xoxo

  3. I know how you feel, I was all plugged and wired and drugged in the ICU while my daughter got transferred to the NICU of another hospital. It took me a week to get a pass and visit her. Babies are resilient, bon courage :-)

  4. Hope time passes quickly and you holding your blessings very soon :)