Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 3

My God... what a torture ! We are waiting for our visas... The only week of the year the indian embassy in brussel are closed 3 days....

We asked for it tuesday and it takes 3 or 4 days to receive it.
D1-Tuesday -> Asking visa
D0-Wednesday -> day off
D2-Thursday -> Day on ! allelua !
D0-Friday -> Day off
D0-Saturday -> Day off "week-end"
D0-Sunday -> Day off "week-end"
D0-Monday -> Day off "easter"
D3-Tuesday -> Day ON
D4-Wednesday -> Day ON

We are planning to pickup visas and run to the airport to jump in the plane !!!!

My god it is sooooo hard.

If anyone actually in Delhi visit the Eden Hospital, dont hesitate to meet our girls. I saw in a picture that one of them are a little problem in her ear... I hope it is nothing !

Courage my girls !!! Mumy and Dady love you so much... We are coming !

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Beautiful baby girls !!!

Dear Blog family, we are very proud to present you our 2 beautiful miracles !

Elisabeth Sarah Sohanne
The tiny one - 1k910g

Lila-GrĂ¢ce Sarah Sohanne

The girls are in good health. They are on demand feed and breath by her own. 
Our wonderful surrogate are in bed rest and delivery naturally without C-Section.
We are very very proud and grateful for her. We hope the delivery wasn't so hard for her. :-s
Poor M. Thank you for this incredible gift !!!

The feeling is so incredible.... we are so happy and so frustrated to do not be by her sides.
but I am sure everybody in this blog family knows what is this feeling ! 

We asked our Tourist Visa tuesday and waiting the mail to confirm it ! We hope start to delhi saterday... or next week after easter, tuesday or wednesday...
Time is very long but our miracles are in good hands and health. 

Thank you !

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

No words........

Item ThumbnailWe would love to greet you as God has blessed you with  two very beautiful and lovely baby girls.

Your little princesses are so cute and We all are so happy for you as you have got the most precious present.

We wish that your 
beautiful angels 
will make all your dreams come true one day and they will add pride and honor to your name.

Please note their details as below:
Twin I
Sex - Female
TOB - 11:40 PM
WT-   1.91 Kg
Date - 25th March, 2013


Twin II
Sex - Female
TOB - 11:50 PM
WT- 2.12 Kg
Date - 25th March, 2013

Saturday, March 16, 2013

TIC-TAC - 32Weeks and all is going well !

All is going wel !

The scan are not so clear then before... but all is going wel and we are completely happy !

The small one has grown since last scan. They have both the same weight. I wonder if it will be one or two boys ! I am convinced that the bigger is a boy. I dont know why but I know it is completely speculative ;-)
But the fact is that i am so impatient to meet my babies and finally  become a mother after all this years.

Today is my birthday. And each year since the cancer is a year without children. Each year I am sad for my birthday because I remember that time is flying and I will maybe never be a mother.
But today, my birthday of 37 years old, is for me, the best birthday of my life !

Thank you our wonderful surrogate, thank you Dr Shivani and SCI Team and thank you my love to follow me in this wonderful and crazy adventure !!! 

PS : Babies ! I am impatient but stay with your generous "nounou" for some weeks ! ;-) love you so much !