Monday, July 30, 2012

Just wait...

No news about our "boule d'amour" our future "baby love" but a little update...

I received an e-mail at 18th on July from Meg explaining that next embryo transfert are normally on "8-15" august... depending on our very nice surrogate's cycle.

So we're following our life in day to day. Both working a lot, too much I thing... but... In reality, we dont think too much :-)

I'm motivate to work because I know why I'm working and why I wake up every morning. I very like my job, but I'm also working for you my "boule d'amour"... for your beautiful creation, your birth, your futur life... you are not on this earth yet, but already in my heart since so long... I already love you "boule d'amour"...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Reassured !

This morning, I had a appointment with a professor who made search in reproduction. She was very nice and answered to all my questions. She told me that 6 frozen embryos transfert failed is very very normal in Europe. We have to made a difference between 6 shots = 6 egg retrieval and 6 frozen embryos transfert = 1 egg retrieval. She told me also that Indian Doctor are also very very competent in terme of reproduction and have a great experience and good technology. Ok It is not the same case for all doctor but certainly for beautiful Dr Shivani. So it is important for me because today I am not desperate ! I was afraid about the word "NEVER" after 6 fails. "If it could never come..." "If I could not never be a mum", blablabla... Now I keep hope, and I am stay positive ! "Just live" daily and waiting for next shot !

Monday, July 9, 2012

Big Negative !

A big Negative ... we recieved this bad news 3 days ago from SCI team.

My god... I think I am not 36 years old today but 86 ! My name is Mamy today (grandmother in french) ! I am so tired ... We dont want a new negative result.. it is so hard to live after so many failures.
So many tries and attempt and we have a big negative...  but we also have 11 frozen strong embryos. I have to be a MUM ! I dont know when but it will happen !!!!!

Dr Shivani and her team sent us a warm and human e-mail. Thank you for that ! Communication is very very important for all Intended Parents.

Now My love and me are in discussion about next steps !
For me the best way is action. I dont want crying in my bed all the time.. I want a positive and I'll have !
I am a cancer survivor and i am NOT dead !!! But we have to keep our foot on the floor.

We really really would like to choose a second surrogate to increase our chances.
but we have 2 obstacles :
Imagine, 2 surrogates are both pregnant. < We dreaming of twins.. We dont have any problems about 3 or 4 children. ( It will be NOT EASY, but ok, we'll manage it ) >

1_But if both have reductions, C-section, and other problems with surrogates or babies after born, money will really missing... ok this case is very rarely ...
2_And this may become very difficult to obtain passeport for children in a certain part of europe...

Ho my god ! I cannot find the sleep ! I calculate, I think, I guess scenario to take the best decision but really not easy... I will waiting for any answer from SCI and lawyer and after deciding.

One think is really clear... We waiting for a new transfert !

See you.... after any enlightenment ;)

PS : if anyone have statistics and success rate of FET, please tell us. It will help us.