Wednesday, January 16, 2013

23 Weeks !

23 weeks and everything is going well !

Babies are in good health and our lovely M also ! What asking more ?
I dont know if I am right but they are groing very well !!!!!

I hope they do not weight as their father !!! My husband was 5kg at birth ! Yes !! You can believe it !
So I hope for our lovely M they will be a little bit smaller...

Twins 1 :
BDP : 57mm
HC : 216mm
AC : 178mm
FL : 39mm
EFW : 537gms

Twins 2 :
BDP : 56mm
HC : 211mm
AC : 180mm
FL : 42mm
EFW : 582gms

Just happy.... !

Have a nice day everyone :)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Completely InLove !

I think I am going crazy ! I cannot stop reading this pictures ! There are so beautiful, so real... My mother and friend are persuaded that we'll have 2 boys. They call me "Lilly and her boysband";-)

My friend says that noses of babies are like my husband'nose ; fine lines and a little bit large :o)
So... what is your advice ? Boys - Girls - or Both ?

For me all is only PERFECT !