Monday, August 20, 2012

Round 2

We received an e-mail from Doctor Shivani Saturday night at 23h47 local time. That's mean Sunday 4.15 am in Delhi...
I cant imagine her agenda and large amount of work. Thank you Dr Shivani to be so close and keep us informed. That's very important for anxious intendent parents like us.

So... we change of surrogate... Miss M will be our new "nounou", thank you miss M !!!  This time, embryos will be developed to blastocyste stade with an assisted lazer hatching to increase our chances.
So the transfert is planned for 26th and pregnancy test will be on 6th septembre.

What a strong and generous "HappyTeam" to give you life my lovely "boule d'amour" ... you can come... everybody is ready :)