Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy 1st month girls !

Thank you blokland for the kind words and share our happyness. We are... Only... Happy ! Each day is blessed when I see my girls !
Each time I am looking them I told me Yes ! This is real !

I am also happy for "Brooklyn Couple,  after the stress and sadness of the last few weeks, surrogate are doing well and babies are strong and determined. Congratz guys !

Our little princesses are growing well. One month !! I can believe that time is flying like that ! We change the milk for Elisabeth (NAN-Pro) and keep a short time PRE-NAN for Lila. But Lila is always hungry so I think we'll give PRO very soon. Elisabeth is bigger but more delicate about her stomac. So we made a looooong hug of 1hour after feed ;-)

Yesterday, we sent all files to the city administration to reconize our girls. The administration refered the case to the "prosecutor" ? (I am not sure about the right traduction). And now we juste have to wait for his answer. We hope a positive answer of course... But nothing is done !

So In waiting, I am staying with my beautiful princesses and i enjoy every moment of this indescriptible life !

Wish you the same happyness for all of you in this journey.... It is real ! Really real :-)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Finally ! Wifi is ok !!!!!

We are in Delhi since 3 weeks with our beautiful girls ! They are so nice so beautiful and they are changing so fast !!!!
My husband is go back at home to work and I am staying at the hotel. Fortunately a nurse, "Saptna" help me at night. So I can sleep (with one ear) and be ready at the morning. I am so happy !!! We are really blessed with our 2 princesses ! After so many tentative and failures... what happiness !!!

Elisabeth is growing faster then her sister but she has stomach pain and regurgitate a lot. I am so sad to see her crying ! We are waiting for the meeting with Dr Gupta today this evening !!!

Any pictures for blogland :-)