Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy 1st month girls !

Thank you blokland for the kind words and share our happyness. We are... Only... Happy ! Each day is blessed when I see my girls !
Each time I am looking them I told me Yes ! This is real !

I am also happy for "Brooklyn Couple,  after the stress and sadness of the last few weeks, surrogate are doing well and babies are strong and determined. Congratz guys !

Our little princesses are growing well. One month !! I can believe that time is flying like that ! We change the milk for Elisabeth (NAN-Pro) and keep a short time PRE-NAN for Lila. But Lila is always hungry so I think we'll give PRO very soon. Elisabeth is bigger but more delicate about her stomac. So we made a looooong hug of 1hour after feed ;-)

Yesterday, we sent all files to the city administration to reconize our girls. The administration refered the case to the "prosecutor" ? (I am not sure about the right traduction). And now we juste have to wait for his answer. We hope a positive answer of course... But nothing is done !

So In waiting, I am staying with my beautiful princesses and i enjoy every moment of this indescriptible life !

Wish you the same happyness for all of you in this journey.... It is real ! Really real :-)


  1. Ah Elisabeth and Lila are absolutely adorable!! Good to hear everything is ok there and thanks for thinking of us.

  2. Happy 1st month to two little angels!

  3. Oh these two sweetie pies grew so much so fast! Happy 1st month :-)

  4. Belles photos de Elisabeth et Lila. C'est génial qu'ils sont maintenant 1 mois. Nos jumeaux prennent du poids normalement. Notre petit garçon lève les chaque fois dans un certain temps après le repas, nous devons donc lui tenir debout pendant au moins 20 minutes. Nous avons changé notre fille à la formule régulière nous avons apporté des Etats-Unis. Notre garçon est toujours en pré-NAN, et nous allons lui le temps de finir les deux boîtes de conserve que nous avons devant nous passons en lui peut-être une couple de semaines. J'espère que vos filles vont obtenir leurs passeports français bientôt. Vive!

    Beautiful photos of Elisabeth and Lila. It's great that they are now 1 month old. Our twins are gaining weight normally. Our little boy throws up every once in a while after feeding, so we have to keep him upright for at least 20 minutes. We have switched our girl to regular formula we brought from the USA. Our boy is still in pre-NAN, and we'll get him to finish the two tin cans we have before we switch him in maybe a couple of weeks. Hopefully your girls will get their French passports soon. Cheers!

  5. So perfect! Congrats on the 1 month mark!

    -Matt and Josh