Friday, December 7, 2012

Pictures of our babies !

The last pict, at 16 weeks :
Very proud to present you the beautifulest babies of the univers ! Yesss, I am completely objective and realistic ;)

And after fetal reduction, our duo-team at 10 weeks : 
Goodbye little one...  strange mixture of sadness and joy...
DuoTeam seems to enjoy to dance ! Yeah !

Our three mousquetaires at 4 weeks : 

They normally are 18 weeks tomorrow... maybe a new pict ? Cant wait.
Please God let us our beautiful DuoTeam ! They are so big and we love them so much !

Out from hospital ! Yes !!

Just received the e-mail from Neha. Our lovely surrogate is discharged from the hospital.
Bleeding and fever has stopped. FINALLY
What a stress ! 2 weeks of bleeding and one of fever. Poor M. so sorry for her !
I really hope that the fears are over  and she will be fine next 4 months with her little boy.
Very proud and grateful lovely M. !!!!

Keep growing my babies love ! Mumy and dady love you so much.

Monday, December 3, 2012

I know...

I know, I told that I have to stop the blog.... But I need to talk, to explain.... My husband ask me to stop it but i cant resist ! He's scared about problems we could have to go back at home. But I hope We are 'incognito' enough ;-)

We had a lot of wonderfull news and emotions since ma last blog, we are parents of beautiful twins of 17weeks pregnancy.

Unfortunelaty, our poor surrogate is admited at the hospital since 23th november. Sci team are incredible, we have a feedback every day and they are very comprehensive and support.
Our lovely M is suffering fever and bleeding since 8 days... Poor m, we are so sorry for her !
Doctor told us that she's feeling better day after day and babies are going well. She has no infection, bleeding becomes spotting and fever is 'of and on'....

I am not pessimist... But realist. It's true, sometimes it's happen, sometimes it is not serious but all of us know what is the risk and the issues. The only thing we can do today is hoping and pray to have the best news in the future... My heart is tighted ( english is not my mother language, so I am not sure about the right words, sorry i do in my best) but of course we hope the best, and if not, we have to accept.

So... Wait and see...