Monday, July 30, 2012

Just wait...

No news about our "boule d'amour" our future "baby love" but a little update...

I received an e-mail at 18th on July from Meg explaining that next embryo transfert are normally on "8-15" august... depending on our very nice surrogate's cycle.

So we're following our life in day to day. Both working a lot, too much I thing... but... In reality, we dont think too much :-)

I'm motivate to work because I know why I'm working and why I wake up every morning. I very like my job, but I'm also working for you my "boule d'amour"... for your beautiful creation, your birth, your futur life... you are not on this earth yet, but already in my heart since so long... I already love you "boule d'amour"...


  1. What a beautiful post, so love filled. Best wishes for your transfer !

  2. Sending good luck wishes for a successful transfer and a positive result!!

  3. ahh i love this post, so pleased you are trying again, my fingers and toes crossed for you xx

  4. Thank you all !!! Your encouragement are very important for me. XXXxxxx