Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Beautiful baby girls !!!

Dear Blog family, we are very proud to present you our 2 beautiful miracles !

Elisabeth Sarah Sohanne
The tiny one - 1k910g

Lila-GrĂ¢ce Sarah Sohanne

The girls are in good health. They are on demand feed and breath by her own. 
Our wonderful surrogate are in bed rest and delivery naturally without C-Section.
We are very very proud and grateful for her. We hope the delivery wasn't so hard for her. :-s
Poor M. Thank you for this incredible gift !!!

The feeling is so incredible.... we are so happy and so frustrated to do not be by her sides.
but I am sure everybody in this blog family knows what is this feeling ! 

We asked our Tourist Visa tuesday and waiting the mail to confirm it ! We hope start to delhi saterday... or next week after easter, tuesday or wednesday...
Time is very long but our miracles are in good hands and health. 

Thank you !


  1. Wonderful news! congratulations on 2 healthy & beautiful girls! :)

  2. Great pics - congrats again - I can't wait to see you with them soon!!!

  3. Elles sont belles comme les fleurs! Congratz again! Bizous!

  4. Congrats! Thanks for sharing the pics. Cheers!

  5. They are so beautiful, congratulations!!!!

  6. Congratulations Lillyrose! so pleased for you, beautiful pictures x