Saturday, March 16, 2013

TIC-TAC - 32Weeks and all is going well !

All is going wel !

The scan are not so clear then before... but all is going wel and we are completely happy !

The small one has grown since last scan. They have both the same weight. I wonder if it will be one or two boys ! I am convinced that the bigger is a boy. I dont know why but I know it is completely speculative ;-)
But the fact is that i am so impatient to meet my babies and finally  become a mother after all this years.

Today is my birthday. And each year since the cancer is a year without children. Each year I am sad for my birthday because I remember that time is flying and I will maybe never be a mother.
But today, my birthday of 37 years old, is for me, the best birthday of my life !

Thank you our wonderful surrogate, thank you Dr Shivani and SCI Team and thank you my love to follow me in this wonderful and crazy adventure !!! 

PS : Babies ! I am impatient but stay with your generous "nounou" for some weeks ! ;-) love you so much !


  1. Happy birthday!!! We hope you have fun celebrating your special day, and to celebrate 32 weeks! Yes, you are almost there. We do hope they stay in longer. We might even see you in Delhi. Even though we are coming early this month, we are leaving late (in May) to make sure the twins mature more and are healthy to travel.

    Funny, we were guessing the boy to be heavier and bigger, but we got it wrong as the girl was heavier than the boy when they came out. We are excited for you Cheers!

    1. Thank you Guys ! We will be very happy to meet you in Delhi ! Normally starting 10th of april but babies will decide for us. Are you living in Svelte ?

  2. Congrats on the progress and happy birthday, Mommy-To-Be!

  3. Bonne FĂȘte! You must be so excited :-)

    1. Thx, Yes very excited. Cannot sleep so much ;-)

  4. Happy Birthday, WOW 32 weeks, the time should fly now, getting everything ready to go to pick up the bubs.
    Hope to see ya there real soon.

  5. Happy Birthday!!! It's certainly one where I bet I can guess your wishes as you blow out the candles! Not too long now!