Monday, July 9, 2012

Big Negative !

A big Negative ... we recieved this bad news 3 days ago from SCI team.

My god... I think I am not 36 years old today but 86 ! My name is Mamy today (grandmother in french) ! I am so tired ... We dont want a new negative result.. it is so hard to live after so many failures.
So many tries and attempt and we have a big negative...  but we also have 11 frozen strong embryos. I have to be a MUM ! I dont know when but it will happen !!!!!

Dr Shivani and her team sent us a warm and human e-mail. Thank you for that ! Communication is very very important for all Intended Parents.

Now My love and me are in discussion about next steps !
For me the best way is action. I dont want crying in my bed all the time.. I want a positive and I'll have !
I am a cancer survivor and i am NOT dead !!! But we have to keep our foot on the floor.

We really really would like to choose a second surrogate to increase our chances.
but we have 2 obstacles :
Imagine, 2 surrogates are both pregnant. < We dreaming of twins.. We dont have any problems about 3 or 4 children. ( It will be NOT EASY, but ok, we'll manage it ) >

1_But if both have reductions, C-section, and other problems with surrogates or babies after born, money will really missing... ok this case is very rarely ...
2_And this may become very difficult to obtain passeport for children in a certain part of europe...

Ho my god ! I cannot find the sleep ! I calculate, I think, I guess scenario to take the best decision but really not easy... I will waiting for any answer from SCI and lawyer and after deciding.

One think is really clear... We waiting for a new transfert !

See you.... after any enlightenment ;)

PS : if anyone have statistics and success rate of FET, please tell us. It will help us.


  1. I am sorry to hear this did not work out this time. Sending you our thoughts.

  2. So sorry! You are part of a very large group of those who didn't at first almost everyone I know who had a negative (or us!), you WILL long as you dust yourself off and keep working towards your dream.
    In the meantime, mourn your bad news. It stinks and is unfair!

  3. Thank you for encouraging and thoughts ! I love this blog surrogacy familly !
    For sure ! We continue round 2

  4. Hi lillyrose, so sorry to read about your negative, when ur ready to try again we will all be here with you xx

  5. Sorry to hear your frustrating and upsetting news, we are sending the bestest wishes for your next attempt.
    This website was recommended when we first started out, it isn't statistics in India but gives you a good overview -

  6. Sorry for your news :(
    It can be very difficult..but persistence is so important and you will be successful.
    After a long journey, our beautiful twin girls were born.. And they came from FET transfer.

    Best wishes, SJ & B xx

    1. Thank you all !!!! Promis, we dont stop ! Juste a little bit affraid because already 6 attempt in europe before India with always good embryos... I hope we dont have serious problems :-s

  7. CHIN UP! - we too had loads of difficulties. We finally had success on our 5th attempt via both frozen and fresh transfers.... and our baby is due next month.
    Stay strong.

    1. Thank you Saskia !!!! Happy to heard your story ! Wish you a very beautiful baby !! Congratulations !!

  8. Sorry to hear about your negative result. We had a negative on our first transfer, but quickly got the ball rolling for a FET. Having something to look forward to again really helped to deal with the BFN! SCI thawed 4 eggs, let them go to blastocyst and after another dreadful 2WW, we had a positive result. SCI has had really good results with that approach. You've got a great positive attitude and you're going to be parents soon!

  9. Keep yourself up! This is such a long way, we need to be strong for the ones to come. Sometimes life doesn't make it easy but if you have arrive to here, you are full of corauge to go ahead.
    I will keep an eye on your yourney, we have HCG the 23rd of July ... with two surrogates ... yeah!, I know what you mean :)