Monday, January 7, 2013

Completely InLove !

I think I am going crazy ! I cannot stop reading this pictures ! There are so beautiful, so real... My mother and friend are persuaded that we'll have 2 boys. They call me "Lilly and her boysband";-)

My friend says that noses of babies are like my husband'nose ; fine lines and a little bit large :o)
So... what is your advice ? Boys - Girls - or Both ?

For me all is only PERFECT !


  1. That is so cool! Congrats on a great scan! I am thinking boy on left, girl in middle.

  2. What an incredible couple! Love it

  3. ahh these are great scans Lilly! x

  4. Oh Lilly...they are beautiful, I think one of them is a boy (from the previous ultrasound pic) , the other one..I m not sure, again no matter what they are just perfect! Felicitation! Biz xoxo

  5. Beautiful scans of our twins! One definitely looks like a boy, but the other one is a bit uncertain (could be a girl or a boy). Either way, you guys will be great parents for these two lovely babies.

    I read some of our previous posts. My partner also didn't want me to blog (and his parents were a bit concerned), but as long as it's private enough, he eventually agreed.

    Please keep us posted. Best wishes to both of you.